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The Great Radio Comedians

Documentary featuring original interviews with George Burns, Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen (and Charle McCarthy!), Bing Crosby, the cast of The Fred Allen Show and Jim "Fibber McGee" Jordan, this PBS classic from 1972 is a must-see for fans of Old Time Radio. Burns and Benny are at their most candid, the Fred Allen cast performs an original sketch before the rolling cameras (with Al Bernie subbing in for Allen) and then sit down for an interview, Bergen and Crosby share some interesting anecdotes... and Jordan spends way too much time grinning at the camera while listening to old "Fibber McGee" skits before giving a minimal of insight into the show.

There are countless excerpts from broadcasts along with oodles of rare photos of the stars. But there are also tons of rare film clips including George & Gracie's Paramount shorts, vintage newsreel excerpts galore, filmed footage of one of Rudy Vallee's radio broadcasts, Bob Hope performing for the troops, Benny live on stage, Bergen with his living dolls on stage, TV and out in public, various television excerpts and much more!

The Great Radio Comedians.mp4


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