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Gunsmoke - Uncle Finney

When Merry Florene's brothers return to Dodge to turn in their 103 year old Uncle Finney for fifty dollars, you know some shenanigan are afoot. 

Maverick - Shady Deal at Sunny Acres

Bret is picked clean & stranded in Sunny Acres by the burg's arrogant banker, so he puts together an M Team of con artists to take down & embarrass the handle-barred buzzard in Denver, while Bret sits whittling & rocking in a chair on a shady Sunny Acres porch, poor-mouthing all by-passers that he's "just working on" a plan. The small-town banker is way out of his league in silver-rich Denver with seductive Sam Crawford, intimidating Big Mike, slicksters Gentleman Jack & Dandy Jim etc. as Maverick's operatives in this classic episode.

Danny Meets Andy Griffith

Danny is arrested by Sheriff Andy Taylor for going through an unnoticed stop sign in the town of Mayberry.

Danny Meets Andy Griffith.mp4

Wyatt Earp Becomes a Marshal

Initially resistant to becoming a lawman, Wyatt Earp has a change of heart after seeing the sheriff of Ellsworth, Kansas murdered in cold blood by the inebriated brother of town scourge Ben Thompson.

Wyatt Earp Becomes a Marshal.mp4

The Cabin

To escape a potentially lethal blizzard, Matt seeks shelter in a cabin in which two psychopathic bandits have enslaved and repeatedly molested a young woman after murdering her father.

The Cabin.mp4

Maverick s01e01 War of the Silver Kings

War of the Silver Kings - Season 1, Episode 1 - 22 Sep. 1957 - We first glimpse Bret unshaven & dirty, lugging a rifle, trying to register at a classy hotel. Using the $1000 bill pinned inside his jacket, and adding some dollar-size strips cut from a newspaper, Bret cadges a room via a bulging envelope for the guest safe.

Maverick s01e01 War of the Silver Kings,mp4