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Louis L'Amour's Shaughnessy (The Iron Marshal) 2-2

Louis L'Amour's Shaughnessy (The Iron Marshal) 1-2

Tom Shaughnessy was iron-tough, but he was no lawman. Back in New York, he'd been the strong-arm for an infamous Irish gang. But when he jumped a westbound train to escape a deadly street war, fate sent him to a small Kansas town on the brink of its own violent battle. The townspeople were sorely in need of a marshal, and they convinced Shaughnessy to pin on the badge. Based on the Louis L'Amour novel "The Iron Marshal". With Matthew Settle, Linda Kozlowski, Tom Bower, Sarah Paulson.

Louis L'Amour's Shaughnessy (The Iron Marshal) 1-2.mp4

Criminal Investigation Bureau - The Men That Liked Music

Criminal Investigation Bureau - The Clue To The Knotted Stocking (Part 2)

Criminal Investigation Bureau - The Clue To The Knotted Stocking (Part 1)

Louis L'Amour's Stranger on Horseback

Stranger on Horseback is a 1955 American Western film directed by Jacques Tourneur starring Joel McCrea. The screenplay is based on a story by Louis L'Amour. A circuit judge in the old west attempts to bring a suspected killer to justice. The judge runs afoul of the killer's rich cattle baron father in the process.

Louis L'Amour's Stranger on Horseback.mp4

Louis L'Amour 's Utah Blaine

Colonel Utah Blaine, held captive by the Army of the Revolution, broke out of jail and headed north from Mexico with nothing but the clothes on his back. Then he found new trouble struggling at the end of a noose–and stepped in just in time to save the life of a Texas rancher. The would-be executioners were the rancher’s own men, looking to steal his land.  Based on the Louis L'Amour novel. Stars Rory Calhoun, Susan Cummings, Angela Stevens. 1957

Louis L'Amour 's Utah Blaine.mp4

I Hate Crime - Murder At Cockle Creek

Larry Kent is a crime investigator. As a newspaperman in New York, he becomes interested in crime detection and sets up in business in Australia. He has a nose for danger and a habit of playing hunches. A light touch to offset the serious theme of the plays is his eye for a pretty figure, and a favorite occupation of, as he puts it, ‘Watching the blondes go by’.

I Hate Crime - Murder At Cockle Creek.mp3 

Anne Of Green Gables (1934)

This is the original movie adaptation of Lucy Maude Montgomery's Anne Of Green Gables with sound, though most will remember the remake from the mid 1980's that starred Megan Follows, this original 1934 black and white version is absolutely great also. The actress who played Anne Shirley used to be called Dawn O'Day but when she read the Anne Of Green Gables book to research her role she liked the character so much she decided to change her name to Anne Shirley.


Gunsmoke 2x07 How To Cure A Friend

How to Cure a Friend
Matt is put in a difficult position by the arrival of Nick Search, an old friend who has since become a gambler with a fast draw and a reputation for dishonesty. 

Gunsmoke 2x06 Indian White

Indian White
When a twelve-year-old Cheyenne prisoner is brought to Dodge by the Cavalry, a woman claims it's her son, who the tribe kidnapped many years earlier. 

Gunsmoke 2x05 Young Man With A Gun

 Young Man with a Gun
After Matt beats fast gun and braggart Sam Kircher in a gunfight, Kircher's inexperienced teen brother comes to town and tells Matt he will learn to use a gun, and then kill him.

Gunsmoke 2x05 Young Man With A Gun.mp4

TGRC 10 The Great Gildersleeve

The Great Gildersleeve. November 8, 1945. With WILLARD WATERMAN, WALTER TETLEY, GALE GORDON, LILLIAN RANDOLPH, EARLE ROSS, RICHARD LEGRAND, ARTHUR Q. BRYAN, MARYLEE ROBB, CATHY LEWIS, ROBERT ARMBRUSTER ORCHESTRA. Plot Summary: Gildy decides to crash Mr. Bullard's boating party to prevent Bullard from romancing his girl. Running time: 30:08.

TGRC 10 The Great Gildersleeve.mp3

TGRC 09 Burns & Allen

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. November 8, 1945. With GEORGE AND GRACIE, BILL GOODWIN, DICK JOY, MEREDITH WILLSON ORCHESTRA, LOUELLA P ARSONS (cameo role), and GEORGE JESSEL. Also MEL BLANC. Plot summary: George has landed a movie part as a leading man and has "gone Hollywood." Running time: 24:25.

TGRC 09 Burns & Allen.mp3

TGRC 08 Duffy's Tavern

Duffy's Tavern. December 18, 1946. With ED "ARCHIE" GARDNER, SHIRLEY BOOTH, EDDIE GREEN, CHARLIE CANTOR, guest JOAN BENNETT, JIMMY WALLINGTON, MATTY MELNICK ORCHESTRA. Plot Summary: The prize in Archie's raffle for the poor people of 3rd Avenue at Christmas is a kiss from Joan Bennett. Running time: 28:29.

TGRC 08 Duffy's Tavern.mp3

TGRC 07 Jimmy Durante

The Jimmy Durante Show. November 22, 1946. Note: For the 1947 season, Garry Moore was given equal billing with Durante (known as the "Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show" for the 1947-48 season). With JIMMY, GARRY MOORE, SUZANNE ELLIS, ROY BARGY and His Orchestra, CANDY CANDIDO, HOWARD PETRIE. Plot Summary: Features the "Thanksgiving Pilgrim Opera." Running time: 29:00.

TGRC 07 Jimmy Durante.mp3

TGRC 06 Eddie Cantor

The Eddie Cantor Pabst Blue Ribbon Show. November 19, 1948. With EDDIE, HARRY VON ZELL, DINAH SHORE, COOKIE FAIRCHILD ORCHESTRA, BERT GORDON (the Mad Russian), and guest GEORGE MONTGOMERY. Plot Summary: Eddie's throwing a party celebrating his 18th anniversary in show business. Also with the Sportsmen Quartet. Running time: 28:39.

TGRC 06 Eddie Cantor.mp3

TGRC 05 Charlie McCarthy

The Charlie McCarthy Show. (also known as "The Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy Show") January 7,1945. With EDGAR, DON AMECHE, RAY NOBLE and His Orchestra, guest CARMEN MIRANDA, vocals by JOAN MERRILL. Plot summary: Charlie's version of "Tobacco Road," called "Cornsilk Alley." A hillbilly skit. Running time: 28:51.

TGRC 05 Charlie McCarthy.mp3

TGRC 04 Fred Allen

The Fred Allen Show. Probable broadcast date: December, 1947. With FRED, PORTLAND HOFFA, GEORGE JESSEL, PARKER FENNELLEY, PETER DONALD, MINERVA PIOUS, KENNY DELMAR, AL GOODMAN ORCHESTRA, THE DEMARCO SISTERS. George Jessel invites Fred to his nightclub for New Year's Festivities and sells him a new tuxedo. Plus a visit to Allen's Alley (topic: what is the most important scientific advance of recent years?).  Note: The abrupt conclusion of the show is typical of Fred's shows. He very seldom could end his show on time and had a fight with NBC for years about having the end of the show shut off the network. Running time: 29:55.

TGRC 04 Fred Allen.mp3

TGRC 03 Amos 'n' Andy

Amos 'n' Andy. October 17, 1948. With FREEMAN GOSDEN, CHARLES CORRELL, JOHN LAKE, ART GILLMORE, LOU LUBIN, EDDIE GREEN, JEFF ALEXANDER'S ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS. Plot summary: The Kingfish sells Andy a new house. . . for $500. Running time: 30:0l.

TGRC 03 Amos 'n' Andy

TGRC 02 Jack Benny

The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny. April 24, 1949. With JACK, ROCHESTER, MARY LIVINGSTON, PHIL HARRIS,MEL BLANC, JIM BACKUS, DON WILSON, THE SPORTSMEN, DEL SHARBUTT (transcribed). Plot summary: Jack decides to sell his old Maxwell and buy a new car. Running time: 29:27.

TGRC 02 Jack Benny.mp3

TGRC 01 Abbott & Costello

The Abbott & Costello Show. January 25,1945. With ABBOTT & COSTELLO, FREDDIE RICH and His Orchestra, vocals by CONNIE HAINES, also with MR. KITZEL. Plot summary: Costello tries to join the Merchant Marine. Running time: 29:38.

TGRC 01 Abbott & Costello.mp3

Criminal Investigation Bureau - The Case Of The Farmers Boots

Criminal Investigation Bureau - The Big Boy

Criminal Investigation Bureau - The Baracool Bones

Matlock s04e10 The Prisoner (part 2)

While Matlock finds the weapon inside the prison, Conrad works on the outside to clear the guard and keep Matlock safe.

Matlock s04e10 The Prisoner (part 2)

Matlock s04e09 The Prisoner (part 1)

When a prison guard is accused of murder, Matlock actually goes into the prison itself to defend the man.

Matlock s04e09 The Prisoner (part 1)

Lux Radio Theater 51-11-12 Winchester 73

"Winchester '73" from the series Lux Radio Theater aired November 12, 1951 on CBS sponsored by: Lux. Lin McAdam rides into town on the trail of Dutch Henry Brown, only to find himself in a shooting competition against him. The prize, a one-in-a-thousand Winchester rifle. Jimmy Stewart, Stephen McNally, Julie Adams, Dan Riss, Herb Butterfield, Wally Maher, Tim Graham, William Johnstone, William Conrad.

Lux Radio Theater 51-11-12 Winchester 73

Suspense 48-01-10 (279) The Kandi Tooth (HQ)

"The Kandy Tooth" from the popular old time radio series "Suspense." aired January 10, 1948 on CBS starring Howard Duff as Sam Spade. Based on characters created by Dashiell Hammett. The story of the return of the "Fat Man!" A sequel to "The Maltese Falcon," with "Joel Cairo," Wilmer's younger brother, and other characters from the film. This time, it's a search for a treasure worth more than the "Maltese Falcon!" William Spier speaks after the drama.

Suspense 48-01-10 (279) The Kandy Tooth (HQ)

The Story of Sam Spade

Dashiell Hammett's SAM SPADE is surely one of the most important figures in the entire private eye genre. He made his debut in 1929 in the pages of Black Mask, in the serialized first part of The Maltese Falcon, and the genre has never been the same. He's a "hard and shifty fellow," a partner in the Archer and Spade Detective Agency of San Francisco. He doesn't particularly like his partner, and he's not above sleeping with his wife, but when Miles is murdered, he swings into action, and ends up mixed up with a quest for a priceless statuette, a rara-avis, called the Maltese Falcon.

The Story of Sam Spade

Kraft Suspense Theater s02e09 Threepersons

 During the Prohibition days following WWI, Tom Threepersons a Cherokee with a violent past, rides into a small border town in Texas. He finds his old captain, Harly Clay, who wants him to come to work with him in the Alcoholic Beverage Unit. Across the border in Mexico is Charlie Raines, a bootlegger with a hired killer who keeps the liquor flowing. A showdown is only a matter of time in coming for a man looking for peace. John Gavin