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Schlitz Playhouse s06e27 The Restless Gun

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars is an anthology series that was telecast from 1951 until 1959 on CBS. Offering both comedies and drama, the series was sponsored by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. The title was shortened to Schlitz Playhouse, beginning with the fall 1957 season.

This episode, The Restless Gun starred John Payne as a gregarious, intelligent, wandering cowhand/gunslinger, aired March 29, 1957. It was based on the old time radio series "The Six Shooter" and Payne's character had the same name: Britt Ponset. This was changed to Vint Bonner when the The Restless Gun appeared as an American western television series on NBC between 1957 and 1959. Some episodes of the series were based on the stories of the old time radio programs. This pilot episode is very interesting to watch for any "Six Shooter" western fans of the radio series. There is some interesting co-stars in this episode like William Hopper who went on to play Paul Drake in the show Perry Mason and a very young Michael Landon who went on to play Little Joe on Bonanza.

This episode was written by Les Crutchfield, one of the major writers for "Gunsmoke" on both radio and television (he wrote 81 scripts for the radio program alone) and also created the character Festus on the Gunsmoke TV series.

Schlitz Playhouse s06e27 The Restless Gun.mp4

The Six Shooter 53-11-29 (11) Sheriff Billy (HQ)

The Six Shooter 53-11-29 (11) Sheriff Billy (HQ).mp3
Sheriff Bill Riddle is the law in Dawson. He faces down an escaped killer without a gunfight...and with good reason.

The Six Shooter 53-11-22 (10) Gabriel Starbuck (HQ)

The Six Shooter 53-11-22 (10) Gabriel Starbuck (HQ).mp3
Gabe Starbuck is getting too old to be the sheriff any more, and the town thinks the job should go to a younger man. Then...the bank is robbed.

The Six Shooter 53-10-25 (06) Red Lawson's Revenge (HQ)

The Six Shooter 53-10-25 (06) Red Lawson's Revenge (HQ).mp3
Red Lawson has announced that he's going to kill Britt's friend Dan to get revenge for the death of his brother, four years previously.

The Six Shooter 53-09-20 (01) Jenny (HQ)

The Six Shooter 53-09-20 (01) Jenny (HQ).mp3
Britt Ponset finds a wounded man in the desert and brings him to Jenny Garber to nurse him back to health. No man seems to think much of Jenny. A moving, well-written story.

Hollywood Star Playhouse 52-04-13 (099) The Six Shooter (HQ)

Hollywood Star Playhouse 52-04-13 (099) The Six Shooter (HQ).mp3
"The Six-Shooter" from Hollywood Star Playhouse aired April 13, 1952 on NBC sponsored by The Bakers Of America. The first adventure of Britt Ponset, which would lead to the old time radio western series named "The Six-Shooter." The Wells Fargo office has been robbed of $5000 and a man has been shot. A distinctive horseshoe provieds a clue for The Six-Shooter.

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas - A Piano in the House

A Piano in the House
Sadistic and hated theater critic Fitzgerald Fortune buys a player piano that has the power to reveal the souls of all who hear it

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas - The Chaser

The Chaser
A young man obsessed with winning over an uninterested beauty gets more than he bargained for when he buys a love potion to gain her affection.

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
A man, newly recovered from a nervous breakdown, becomes convinced that a monster only he sees is damaging the plane he's flying in.

Maverick s01e27 Seed of Deception

S1, Ep27
13 Apr. 1958
Seed of Deception
Bret and Bart ride into a small Arizona town and are mistaken for Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday despite their protestations to the contrary. Things start to look bad for the Mavericks when an outlaw gang ride into town and the local sheriff convinces the crooks that the two gamblers are the famous lawmen.

Agatha Christie's Endless Night

Agatha Christie's Endless Night

Lonely drifter Mike Rogers finally settles down when he meets young heiress Ellie Guteman. They build the house of their dreams in a beautiful and remote area, ignoring rumors of a curse. With their arrival, however, the curse seems to come to life, and they find themselves in grave danger.


Andy Griffith Show s02e11

S2, Ep11
18 Dec. 1961
The Pickle Story
Aunt Bee and Clara Johnson are both jarring homemade pickles. The only difference is that Clara's are good enough to have won the blue ribbon at the fair eleven years counting while Aunt Bee's taste like they've been floating in kerosene. The boys are too polite to tell Aunt bee the truth about her pickles and come up with a plan to switch Aunt Bee's pickles with store bought pickles. The plan backfires when Bee decides to enter her pickles in the contest.

Twilight Zone s01e08 Time Enough at Last

S1, Ep8
20 Nov. 1959
Time Enough at Last
A young woman lying in a hospital bed, her head wrapped in bandages, awaits the outcome of a surgical procedure performed by the State in a last-ditch attempt to make her look "normal".

Death Valley Days s16e22 The Thirty Calibre Town

S16, Ep22
12 Apr. 1968
The Thirty Calibre Town
The story of how the Winchester repeating rifle helped to bring law and order to a north Idaho town. Filmed on location in Winchester, Idaho.

Beverly Hillbillies s02e16 The Giant Jackrabbit

S2, Ep16
8 Jan. 1964
The Giant Jackrabbit
Granny takes on a kangaroo.

Twilight Zone s02e06 Eye of the Beholder

S2, Ep6
11 Nov. 1960
Eye of the Beholder
A young woman lying in a hospital bed, her head wrapped in bandages, awaits the outcome of a surgical procedure performed by the State in a last-ditch attempt to make her look "normal".

Star Trek TOS 1x 14 Balance of Terror

S1, Ep14
15 Dec. 1966
Balance of Terror
The Enterprise must decide on its response when a Romulan ship makes a destructively hostile armed probe of Federation territory.


 Two-part radio adaptation of Liz Lochhead's stage play, first performed at the Edinburgh Lyceum in 1985. Liz Lochhead's dramatization of Bram Stoker's novel remains generally faithful to the original, but combines some of the characters and condenses events to fit into the requirements of a play. Adapted for radio by John Foley; introduced by Robin Lustig.


Star Trek TOS 1x 12 The Menagerie: Part II

S1, Ep12
24 Nov. 1966
The Menagerie: Part II
At Spock's court martial, he explains himself with mysterious footage about when Capt. Pike was kidnapped by powerful illusion casting aliens.

Star Trek TOS 1x 11 The Menagerie: Part I

S1, Ep11
17 Nov. 1966
The Menagerie: Part I
Spock kidnaps the crippled Capt. Pike, hijacks the Enterprise and then surrenders for court martial.

Star Trek TOS 1x 10 The Corbomite Maneuver

S1, Ep10
10 Nov. 1966
The Corbomite Maneuver
After being forced to destroy a dangerous probe, a gigantic alien ship arrives to capture and condemn the Enterprise's crew as trespassers.

Gunsmoke 52-09-13 Home Surgery (HQ)

Gunsmoke. September 13, 1952. CBS. "Home Surgery". Marshal Dillon is forced to amputate the leg of a settler on the prairie.

Gunsmoke 52-09-13 Home Surgery (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-08-23 Shakespeare (HQ)

Gunsmoke. August 23, 1952. CBS net. "Shakespeare". Sustaining. A good story about a crazed Shakespearean actor who commits murder during a Kansas heat wave.

Gunsmoke 52-08-23 Shakespeare (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-08-16 The Lynching (HQ)

Gunsmoke. August 16, 1952. CBS net. "The Lynching". Sustaining. Marshal Dillon tries to get proof of the guilt of the leader of a lynch mob.

Gunsmoke 52-08-16 The Lynching (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-08-09 The Kentucky Tolmans (HQ)

Gunsmoke. August 9, 1952. CBS. "The Kentucky Tolmans". The Tolmans from Kentucky include a good lookin' mountain gal, a drinking old father with a secret, and a son willing to kill to get at it.

Gunsmoke 52-08-09 The Kentucky Tolmans (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-07-26 Gentleman's Disagreement (HQ)

Gunsmoke. July 26, 1952. CBS. "Gentlemen's Disagreement". Ed Beaudry comes to Dodge to kill Bert Wells. A showdown seems inevitable, but Beaudry is found dead!

Gunsmoke 52-07-26 Gentleman's Disagreement (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-07-19 Doc Holiday (HQ)

Gunsmoke. July 19, 1952. CBS net. "Doc Holiday". Sustaining. Doc Holiday has come to Dodge to kill Big Jack Finley. But Big Jack's son, Thorne Finley, is the real problem.

Gunsmoke 52-07-19 Doc Holiday (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-07-12 The Boughten Bride (HQ)

Gunsmoke. July 12, 1952. CBS net. "The Boughten Bride". Sustaining. The stage has been robbed of $50,000, and also Mr. Carter's fiance!

Gunsmoke 52-07-12 The Boughten Bride (HQ).mp3

Gunsmoke 52-07-05 Never Pester Chester (Paul Dubov) (HQ)

Gunsmoke. July 5, 1952. CBS net. "Never Pester Chester". Sustaining. Two Texas cowboys drag Chester behind a horse for fun, almost killing him. Marshal Dillon brings in the cowboys...without his guns.

Gunsmoke 52-07-05 Never Pester Chester (Paul Dubov) (HQ).mp3

James Bond - You Only Live Twice

Agent 007's latest mission sparks a fatal encounter in a Japanese garden of death. Ian Fleming's thriller with Michael Jayston.

James Bond - You Only Live Twice

SNT 08-09-75 A Night Of The Wolf

A Werewolf Horror Play by Victor Pemberton. Set around the end of the 19th century in Cambridge and the Fen Country, a Judge encounters the terrible curse of lycanthropy in his district. Vincent Price tracks a shadowy monster in the search for his missing son. Gothic horror. Starring Vincent Price, Coral Browne, Peter Whitman, Sheila Grant, Elizabeth Proud and John Rye.

SNT 08-09-75 A Night Of The Wolf

Star Trek TOS 1x 09 Dagger of the Mind

S1, Ep9
3 Nov. 1966
Dagger of the Mind
Kirk and psychiatrist Helen Noel are trapped on a maximum security penal colony that experiments with mind control and Spock must use the Vulcan mind-meld to find a way to save them.

Star Trek TOS 1x 08 Miri

S1, Ep8
27 Oct. 1966
The Enterprise discovers a planet exactly like Earth, but the only inhabitants are children who contract a fatal disease upon entering puberty.

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas - 'Back There'

At a prominent club in Washington, D.C., a socialite argues about whether it would be possible to change history by traveling back in time. When he leaves the club he finds himself in 1865, on the night that President Lincoln will be shot.

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas - 'Back There' 

Star Trek TOS 1x 07 What Are Little Girls Made Of?

S1, Ep7
20 Oct. 1966
What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Nurse Chapel is reunited with her fiancé; but his new obsession leads him to make an android duplicate of Captain Kirk.

Star Trek TOS 1x 06 Mudd's Women

S1, Ep6
13 Oct. 1966
Mudd's Women
The Enterprise picks up untrustworthy entrepreneur Harry Mudd accompanied by three beautiful women who immediately put a spell on all the male crew members.

Star Trek TOS 1x 05 The Enemy Within

S1, Ep5
6 Oct. 1966
The Enemy Within
A transporter malfunction splits Captain Kirk into two halves: one meek and indecisive, the other violent and ill tempered. The remaining crew members stranded on the planet cannot be beamed up to the ship until a the problem is fixed.

Star Trek TOS 1x 04 The Naked Time

S1, Ep4
29 Sep. 1966
The Naked Time
The crew is infected with a mysterious disease that removes people's emotional inhibitions to a dangerous degree.

Star Trek TOS 1x 03 Where No Man Has Gone Before

S1, Ep3
22 Sep. 1966
Where No Man Has Gone Before
The flight recorder of the 200-year-old U.S.S. Valiant relays a tale of terror--a magnetic storm at the edge of the galaxy!

Star Trek TOS 1x 02 Charlie X

S1, Ep2
15 Sep. 1966
Charlie X
Captain Kirk must learn the limits to the power of a 17-year-old boy with the psychic ability to create anything and destroy anyone.

Star Trek TOS 1x 01 The Man Trap

S1, Ep1
8 Sep. 1966
The Man Trap
Dr. McCoy discovers his old flame is not what she seems after crew members begin dying from a sudden lack of salt in their bodies.

Star Trek TOS 1x 00 The Cage

24 Dec. 1988
The Cage
Capt. Pike is held prisoner and tested by aliens who have the power to project incredibly lifelike illusions.