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The podcast is comprised mostly from selected old time radio shows that are the highest quality I can find and the favorite episodes of many old time radio fans; plus some old Classic TV, history, or anything of a nostalgic nature from time to time. Enjoy!

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Columbo s09e01 Murder, A Self Portrait

S9, Ep1
25 Nov. 1989
Murder, a Self Portrait
Columbo investigates the apparent drowning of a famous painters first wife.

Columbo s11e02 No Time To Die

S11, Ep2
15 Mar. 1992
No Time to Die
Columbo attends the wedding of his nephew, who is also with the LAPD. Suddenly it turns out that the bride is missing, possibly kidnapped. Columbo sets up the investigation to figure out what happened.

Maverick s01e03 Acccording to Hoyle

S1, Ep3
6 Oct. 1957
According to Hoyle A Southern belle targets Bret (James Garner) and cleans him out at poker. Bret gets staked to switch to a different paddle-wheeler, so she'll follow, and plenty spectators will too........... As Pappy said "man's the only animal that can get skinned more than once," so Bret proposes they combine forces.

Gunsmoke s02e12 Spring Term

S2, Ep12
15 Dec. 1956
Spring Term
A man is shot on the streets of Dodge, and Matt realizes that shot was meant for him.

Gunsmoke s02e11 No Indians

S2, Ep11
8 Dec. 1956
No Indians
Matt strongly suspects that it is actually white men who are responsible for a murderous series of "Indian raids" that have terrorized prairie-dwelling families.

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison One-hour radio special takes you inside Folsom Prison for Johnny Cash's historic 1968 concert Hear highlights from the concert and from people who were there to see it and special guest Merle Haggard.

Elvis Presley - Young Man With The Big Beat

Elvis Presley - Young Man With The Big Beat 1956 was the year Elvis Presley became a household name. The national spotlight turned on the 21 year old singer, and his life changed forever. Elvis had a new record deal, his first movie deal and a brand new manager named Colonel Tom Parker. In this one-hour radio special you'll hear about what happened that year from Elvis and the Colonel, plus band members, friends and historians.

All in the Family s02e12 Cousin Maude's Visit

S2, Ep12
11 Dec. 1971
Cousin Maude's Visit
Edith's liberal cousin, Maude Findlay, arrives to help in caring for a flu-ridden Archie and Mike.

All in the Family S2 E21 - Sammy's Visit

S2, Ep21
19 Feb. 1972
Sammy's Visit
The classic tale about the time Sammy Davis Jr. stopped by to visit the Bunkers. It begins with a briefcase he left in Archie's cab ... and ends with the kiss of infamy.

Gunsmoke s02e10 Greater Love

S2, Ep10
1 Dec. 1956
Greater Love
Killer Jed Butler takes Doctor Adams hostage to help his dying partner, and learns the true meaning of love for a friend, when Matt risks his life to rescue the good doctor.

Gunsmoke s02e09 The Mistake

S2, Ep9
24 Nov. 1956
The Mistake
When a man suspected of murder can't establish his alibi, Matt arrests the man. After the prisoner draws a gun on Chester and escapes, evidence suggests he might not be guilty.

Family Theater 54-11-03 (394) The Cliff (HQ)

Family Theater 54-11-03 (394) The Cliff (HQ) - A young boy is trapped at the bottom of a cliff...with the tide coming in. Debbie Reynolds (hostess)

Family Theater 54-05-19 (371) The .45 Caliber Teapot (HQ)

Family Theater 54-05-19 (371) The .45 Caliber Teapot (HQ) - A meek little man discovers an ancient formula that changes things around quite a bit. Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Frederick Shields, Lee Millar Jr.

Family Theater 52-02-27 (259) The Promise (HQ)

Family Theater 52-02-27 (259) The Promise (HQ) - After a "fatal" traffic accident, an estranged couple find a new relationship with the help of an old man and a strange fellow named "Peter.

Family Theater 50-05-17 (170) The Outcasts of Poker Flat (HQ)

Family Theater 50-05-17 (170) The Outcasts of Poker Flat (HQ) - A group of very different people find themselves trapped in a snowstorm with no happy ending in sight. Jeanette MacDonald (hostess), Bret Harte (author).

Family Theater 49-12-14 (148) The Other Wise Man (HQ)

Family Theater 49-12-14 (148) The Other Wise Man (HQ) - A well-done Christmas story about the fourth wise men, and his three treasures for the king of the Jews. Otto Kruger (host), Henry Van Dyke (author.)

Family Theater 49-10-05 (138) The Gold Bug (HQ)

Family Theater 49-10-05 (138) The Gold Bug (HQ) - One of the first "detective" stories ever written, and the first in which a cipher plays a critical role. Maureen O'Hara (hostess), Edgar Allan Poe (author.)

Columbo 08x13 Sex And The Married Detective

S8, Ep3
3 Apr. 1989
Sex and the Married Detective
When a successful sex therapist with a best selling book and a hit TV show is crushed to learn her business partner/lover is cheating on her, she plots appropriate revenge.

Gunsmoke s02e08 Legal Revenge

S2, Ep8
17 Nov. 1956
Legal Revenge
Doc comes upon a new homesteader confined to bed with a badly infected leg and a gun under the bedclothes for protection against his wife.

Gunsmoke s02e07 How To Cure A Friend

S2, Ep7
10 Nov. 1956
How to Cure a Friend
Matt is put in a difficult position by the arrival of Nick Search, an old friend who has since become a gambler with a fast draw and a reputation for dishonesty.