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Screen Director's Playhouse 51-09-07 (119) Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow from Screen Director's Playhouse aired September 7, 1951. Starring in their original roles is James Stewart as Tom Jeffords, Jeff Chandler as Cochise and Debra Paget as Sonseeahray (Morningstar). Broken Arrow is the story of a land, of the people who lived on it in the year 1870, and of a man whose name was Cochise. He was an Indian leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe. The performances of James Stewart, Jeff Chandler and Debra Paget are outstanding and Broken Arrow is one of the first westerns to portray Native Americans in a balanced, sympathetic way. It was nominated for three Academy Awards, and won a Golden Globe. Interesting is that the world premier was at the Nusho Theater in downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Screen Director's Playhouse 51-09-07 (119) Broken Arrow.mp3


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