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Lux Video Theatre s06e13 Holiday Affair

The Lux Video Theatre was a spin-off from the successful Lux Radio Theater series broadcast on the NBC Blue Network (1934-1935) and CBS (1935–55).

Lux Video Theatre began as a live 30-minute Monday evening CBS series on October 2, 1950, switching to Thursday nights during August, 1951. In September 1953, the show relocated from New York to Hollywood. In August 1954, it moved to NBC as an hour-long show on Thursday nights, telecast until September 12, 1957. With the introduction of the one-hour format and the move to Hollywood, abridged versions of popular films were often used as the basis for shows.

"Holiday Affair" aired 22 Dec. 1955 starring Scott Brady, Phyllis Thaxter and Elliott Reid. Connie Ennis, widowed mother to young son Timmy, has avoided accepting the marriage proposal of her longtime boyfriend Carl. While he patiently awaits her saying "yes," Connie clings to the memory of her late husband. By chance, a department store salesman enters her life and complicates matters when the two quickly fall in love. With two marriage proposals on the table, Connie is forced to make a final choice.

Lux Video Theatre s06e13 Holiday Affair.mp4


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