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Lux Radio Theater-510305-736-Panic in the Streets (HQ)

Panic in the Streets from Lux Radio Theater aired March 5, 1951. After brawling over a card game in the wharf area of New Orleans, a man named Kochak, suffering visibly from a flu-like illness, is killed by gangster Blackie and his two flunkies, Kochak's cousin Poldi and a man named Fitch. They leave the body on the docks, and later when the dead man, who carries no identification, is brought to the morgue, the coroner grows suspicious about the bacteria present in his blood and calls his superior, Dr. Clinton Reed, (played by Richard Widmark) a uniformed doctor working for the U.S. Public Health Service. Dr. Reed and a police captain (Paul Douglas) have only a day or two in which to prevent an epidemic. Can a doctor turn detective?

Richard Widmark and Paul Douglas give one of the most outstanding performances you will hear in a radio drama.

You may remember Paul Douglas from his two baseball comedy movies, Angels in the Outfield (1951) and It Happens Every Spring (1949).  Widmark made his debut as a radio actor in 1938 on Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories. In 1941 and 1942, he was heard daily on the Mutual Broadcasting System in the title role of the daytime serial Front Page Farrell, introduced each afternoon as "the exciting, unforgettable radio drama... the story of a crack newspaperman and his wife, the story of David and Sally Farrell." Farrell was a top reporter for the Brooklyn Eagle. When the series moved to NBC, Widmark turned the role over to Carleton G. Young and Staats Cotsworth.

Lux Radio Theater-510305-736-Panic in the Streets (HQ)


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