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TGRC 04 Fred Allen

The Fred Allen Show. Probable broadcast date: December, 1947. With FRED, PORTLAND HOFFA, GEORGE JESSEL, PARKER FENNELLEY, PETER DONALD, MINERVA PIOUS, KENNY DELMAR, AL GOODMAN ORCHESTRA, THE DEMARCO SISTERS. George Jessel invites Fred to his nightclub for New Year's Festivities and sells him a new tuxedo. Plus a visit to Allen's Alley (topic: what is the most important scientific advance of recent years?).  Note: The abrupt conclusion of the show is typical of Fred's shows. He very seldom could end his show on time and had a fight with NBC for years about having the end of the show shut off the network. Running time: 29:55.

TGRC 04 Fred Allen.mp3


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