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CBS News Special 1974-12-29 A Tribute To Jack Benny

This special aired just days after Jack Benny's unexpected death from pancreatic cancer the day after Christmas, 1974. Hosted by Charles Kuralt, this is a respectful and well done tribute/obituary to a masterful performer and universally beloved human being. Includes a good deal of clips from the Jack Benny radio show and television show, as well as interviews with cast members Frank Nelson, Don Wilson and Mel Blanc.

Also interviewed briefly are Danny Thomas, Ronald & Nancy Reagan, and Milton Berle. There's even a priceless record of Bob Hope's deeply moving eulogy. George Burns was so overcome with grief he was unable to utter more than a few words before needing to be escorted from podium.

CBS News Special 1974-12-29 A Tribute To Jack Benny.mp4


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