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SNT - The Best Baby by William Andrew (1978)

With Gwyneth Guthrie, Diana Olsson and Finlay Welsh 

 'Twenty years ago my baby brother was kidnapped and abandoned on a hillside. The police asked a lot of questions of a lot of people but we never did find out who did it. Leave it alone, will you. No one can possibly find the answer now!' 

 Directed By: Gordon Emslie BBC Scotland

Pauline Browning: -Sheila Donald
Sylvia Dunn: Diana Olsson
a child: Marry Rrigans: Barrie
Emma Forrest: Gwyneth Guthrie
Peter Forrest: Finlay Welsh
Barrie Browning: Robert Trotter
Colin Teviot: Tom Cotcher
Dorothy: Isobel Gardne 

 Saturday-Night Theatre
BBC Radio 4 FM, 14 January 1978 20.30


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